Grant-P.-Williams-M.D.-Universal-Care-Surgery-CenterGrant P. Williams, M.D.
MD — Ross University School of Medicine
Internal Medicine — UCSF-Fresno
Anesthesiology — LA County/USC

Schwarzbein Practitioner:

  • Level 1 Practitioner
  • Level 2 Hormone Balancing Practitioner
  • Level 2 Gastrointestinal Practitioner

Previous Specialty

  • Anesthesiology/ Human Physiology
  • Pain Management

Current Specialty

  • Hormone Balancing
  • Metabolic Balancing and Insulin Resistance
  • Functional Medicine
  • Detoxification

I embarked on this journey to understanding a different type of medicine when there was no one who could help my wife, Caroline, with her Fibromyalgia. There were no cures and not many answers until I was given a copy of Suzanne Sommers’ book, The Sexy Years. In it I discovered Dr. Diana Schwarzbein and picked up her books. For the first time, I felt like I had found some answers to the problems that modern medicine could not solve. It was a new way of looking at the body and the way that all of the systems interact. I was ready to send my wife to Dr. Schwarzbein, but as luck would have it, her practice was full. Further investigation led me to her courses for medical professionals and the start into a deeper understanding of the human body and the complexity of the interactions between the bodily systems. I ended up in Santa Barbara by invitation of Dr. Schwarzbein to share space in her practice, and help her as she minimized and eventually phased out of patient care to pursue other goals.
We need to address the serious breakdown that is occurring in our bodies, especially in light of our toxic environment, and processed foods. Our practice is now implementing programs that lead to the health of my family, friends, and now my patients. My passion is to continually improve programs which lead to health, wellness, and the prevention of disease. I have undertaken training to equip me for effective hormone and metabolic balancing. The future of medicine is prevention and health is up to us, we just need to be educated and act on that knowledge.


Staff is knowledgeable, the patient representatives Crystal and Tiffany are very helpful and attending, and the doctor certainly helped me with finding ways to manage my pain. What I found best about this facility is that they actually care about helping to find the underlying issues that are related to your pain and won't just write you off with a prescription for painkillers. With the ongoing crisis we're facing with opioids, I found it refreshing to see doctors actually want to help you deal with the pain you are having and not just prescribe you something that will cause more problems in the future.
Jason Azul
Jason Azul
20:57 25 Oct 18
I love how often the employees check on you to see how you are doing, after the procedure and every week. The are always caring and compassionate to the needs of the patients that the care for. Kristal has been very helpful if I need a little TLC or need to get information. All the staff is very helpful and I appreciate them all very much.
Angie Southwick
Angie Southwick
22:41 31 May 18
This is a very friendly place and they treat you with care. Really lovely people. Very clean office. And one of the things I look at. They really treated me with care. I was in and out in know time..Thank you guys. Your the best.
fun all life
fun all life
22:20 11 May 18
I am truly impressed of the care I am getting. I have been in pain for quite a while and from the moment of my 1st appointment, they all have made me feel comfortable.I feel better already and the follow-up calls are really great to make sure that I am alright.Thank you!
Susan Arnett
Susan Arnett
20:44 03 May 18
I have been a patient for over 1 year and it has been nothing but a great experience. The staff is fantastic from follow up calls post procedure to ensuring any assistance that I need to get to and from the clinic. The efforts of Kristal and Tiffany along with Makesh and Marilyn are part of a great organization. This great attitude is exhibited throughout the staff and I have to say comes from the Doctors' that provide service at the Center. Nothing but praise and some great coffee post procedure.
David Self
David Self
23:39 24 Apr 18
This place is great! From a very clean, organized facility, to the outstanding staff, to the great doctors. I’m feeling 100% better since I first started coming here. They truly take care of their patients like family. So if you want to finally start feeling better, and get rid of your ailments, this is the place to go!
Nicole Napolitano
Nicole Napolitano
18:33 28 Mar 18