We provide patients with quality minimally invasive surgical care.

Disc problems contribute to pain originating in the lower (lumbar) spine or the upper- and middle-back (thoracic spine). When surgery becomes a consideration, many patients are opting for minimally invasive surgery over traditional open surgery.

  • METRx System utilizes technology that makes minimally invasive surgery and procedures preferable.
  • Tubes and dilators may be used during a microdiscectomy to remove all or part of a herniated disc.


What the METRx Dilator Does

The METRx System consists of a series of tubes and dilators meant to be used during various minimally invasive procedures. The dilators are designed in a way that minimizes damage to nearby muscles and soft tissues. By using the dilators and tubes, the surgeon will be able to view the problem area of the disc in the lower, middle, or upper part of the spine. The entire disc or disc fragments are removed through the tubes.

How a METRx Dilator Microdiscectomy is Performed

Endoscopic or microscopic techniques are used to reach the part of the spine where the herniated disc is located. The patient lies on their stomach during the procedure and small incisions are made to access the spine and disc. A small METRx dilator is inserted first. A series of progressively larger dilators are inserted to widen the surgical space enough for the surgeon to be able to clearly view the herniated disc.

The amount of time it will take to complete a METRx dilator microdiscectomy will depend on the amount of damage to the disc. It may take longer if there are multiple fragments of disc material that need to be removed. After the procedure is completed, the tubes are removed and the surgical site is covered with a bandage after a few stitches are added to secure the wound.


Benefits for Patients

During a METRx dilator microdiscectomy, muscle damage is minimized and nerves are also protected since the surgery is performed through the tubes. Being able to directly see the spine, the affected disc, and any fragments that may need to be removed also allows the surgeon to be more precise with surgical movements and manipulations. For most patients, the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis with no need for an overnight stay.

When a METRx Dilator Microdiscectomy is Recommended

As is the case with most minimally invasive procedures, a METRx dilator microdiscectomy is often recommended for patients who are in generally good health, expect for having a problem with a disc in the lumbar or thoracic spine. Some patients may need to transition to traditional open surgery if the extent of damage to the disc is widespread.

In addition to microdiscectomies, the METRx system can be used to perform other surgeries to ease nerve pressure from discs, including procedures to remove part or all of a bony structure covering the spine (laminotomy or laminectomy). Due to the minimally invasive techniques used during a METRx dilator microdiscectomy, many patients experience fewer complications and enjoy a faster recovery.